This Love Kit includes everything you need to send good loving vibes to someone special in your life. 

Placing crystals in geometric patterns is very powerful. 🙏🏻 

Rose Quartz: Purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.
Desert rose: Desert Rose (aka Gypsum Rose) is a beautifully unique crystal formation that is formed from the combination of water, wind, and sand. It varies the energies of clarity, prosperity, and purity. Desert Rose rids the mind of old thought patterns and opens the flow of guidance.
Clear Quartz Point: Activate the grid and point all energy from surrounding stones onwards and upwards into the universe. 
Flower of Life Grid: Has been handcrafted by carvers in the Ubud region of Bali using wood from sustainable forests. It is a sacred geometrical shape with perfect form of proportion and harmony. 
Palo Santo: Is used to cleanse the crystals and set your intentions.
Shell: Collects the ashes from the Palo Santo. 
Photo: The photo of a loved one you are sending healing energy to is placed underneath the center stone.

The Love Grid Kit